Tsu, Social Network That Pays Users to Post, Like, Comment

Tsu, Social Network That Pays Users to Post, Like, Comment
What is Tsu?

Tsu (pronounced as Sue) is a free social media payment platform. With Tsu you can monetize all social content in an exponential way due to the nature of how established social networks work and also in perpetuity since users forever tie themselves to other users vs. tying themselves to a platform. For the first time every content creator can attach their content to their social network and benefit from royalties in perpetuity. The platform has removed from the onboarding process, allowing users to invite others which ties users to each other and makes the arithmetic work.


What they pay for ?
Inviting New people to Tsu.

Most likely On Tsu.co there is mainly 2 methods to earn money. as mentioned above the first one is “Inviting people to the Tsu network“. On Tsu.co users own their all content and own their network which means you can build up  your own referral tree via inviting new people to the network. Therefore if any users came to the platform via a user’s short code or invitation, then inviter will earn a portion of the money from newly invited individuals and from their social network (referral network) on Tsu.co. Simply what you have to do is invite friends to join Tsu.co under your referral code. Here is a example to how this referral algorithm works,

lets say there is 3 users call A, B and C User
A invites user B
User B invites user C,
User C invites user D
So the network is like A->B->C->D
Part 1 – So lets say $100 of earned revenue is generated based on the content user D shared (photos, videos, status updates, etc.)

Part 2 – As Tsu say 90% of earned revenue go to the users. In this case, $90 of the $100 is shared with all the users and  Tsu will  take 10% of the $100 for platform fees. In this case it’s $10.

Part 3 – User D, the original content creator takes 50% of the $90. In this case its $45 and User will C get 33.3% (1/3) of the original $90 generated. In this case its $29.70. then the  User B gets 11.1% (1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9) of the original $90 generated. In this case its $9.99. And the top  User A will get 3.70% (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/27) of the original $90 generated. In this case $3.33


When Your post viewed by other user.

Beside inviting people you can make money on Tsu.co when your post been viewed by other user. Lets say  If  you have posted some picture and it has been viewed from some other user and that post creates economics at the very least an advertisement is served alongside that post which is revenue. If the user liked or shared your post you will get some additional earning for that too.
How to withdraw your earnings on Tsu.co ?

Once you reached minimum payment threshold  you can visit Bank menu on Tsu then click on ‘Redeem’ and proceed to the redemption screen to complete their redemption request. After the redemption request is completed, they will do some verification on your network, your information, your activity, etc. and once you pass through it they will send the check to the address you have given.

Payment methods and minimum payment threshold on Tsu.co

At the moment the only one option Tsu.co has for payments is via check. but as they said they will add wired transfer in the future. Tsu.co’s minimum payment threshold is $100, slimier to other content monetization platforms.

How i can join with Tsu.co ?

At the moment the only way you can join Tsu.co via invites. If you feel to join with Tsu.co and earn some money click bellow to proceed

Can you share copyright martial on Tsu ?

No you can not share copyrighted items not own by you. Each and every online publishers must abide by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If you are posting anyone else’s copyrighted content and if copyright holder complained about it to Tsu, Tsu will comply with the DMCA and remove said content after ownership is established.

What If you already monetize your videos on YouTube & can you get benefit from Tsu for that video ?

Simply Yes you can. at the moment Tsu do not host videos itself. Tsu is just another destination that you can embed your videos into just like wordpress, and other similar blog services. Monetization on Tsu for videos are no different than monetization for any other form of media you share on Tsu. So What you are waiting for ?. Lets stop making Facebook rich and try to make some money your self, doing the same activities you do on Facebook. If you feel interesting about Tsu article make sure to put your thoughts as a comment & join Tsu netowork


So What you are waiting for ?. Lets stop making Facebook rich and try to make some money your self, doing the same activities you do on Facebook. If you feel interesting about Tsu article make sure to put your thoughts as a comment & join Tsu netowk.

Game Foot Ball Manager Goaltycoon Guide: How to Train Player

Game Foot Ball Manager Goaltycoon Guide: How to Train Player

Training is one of the most important things to make your player stronger and win the game. To train player, click Training and hold particular player and place in area your want to train that player.

You do all the same to other player, easy right?
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Here are recommended training type you should train for each of your player.

Pure Forwards
CF = Centre Forwards, IF = Inside Forwards
These are you strike force, with the best support in the world from the midfield and a brilliant defence, if your guys can't put the ball in the back of the opponents' net you won't be winning any games.
Core Training : Shoot
2ndry Training : Head Shot (if tall)
Tertiary Training : Speed, Ball Control, Stamina, Passing, Long Shot

Offensive Support
HO = Hole (inbetween strikers & mid), OM = Offensive Midfield
Many formations have a more aggressive stance, behind the forwards come the offensive support, also a danger in their own right.
Core Training : Head Shot (if tall)
2ndry Training : Long Shot, Ball Control, Shoot
Tertiary Training : Passing, Stamina, Speed, Tackling

Central Core
CM = Central Midfielders, DM = Defensive Midfielders
Right in the centre of the pitch, these players I'd often recommend are where your money should be, if nothing else, because they will see most of the ball, dictating the game plus being both a boon to attack and defence.
Core Training : Ball Control
2ndry Training : Long Shot, Passing, Stamina
Tertiary Training : Speed, Tackling (Core if DM)

RW / LR = Right & Left Wingers. SLM / SRM = Right & Left Side Midfielders
These players try to create play down the flanks, stretching defences plus cross the ball into the box, I'd choose one of these plus probably one of the centre or offence to have exceptionally high long shot stats to take corners / free kicks.
Core Training : Long Shot
2ndry Training : Speed, Passing, Ball Control
Tertiary Training : Tackling, Stamina

The Defence
CB = Centre Backs, SW = Sweepers, FLB / FRB = Full Left Back, Full Right Back, WLB / WRB = Wing Left & Right Backs.
There to shut down, lock out and limit any ventures into your own half of the pitch by your opponents, not sure how detailed goaltycoon's model of the game will work though usually a very strong defence may appear to be a dull tactic however it usually means the rest of the team is more able to attack.
Core Training : Tackling
2ndry Training : Speed, Stamina
Tertiary Training : Passing
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GK = Goalkeepers
Your last line of defence, the only player able to handle the ball, unsure at this point if any stat other than goal keeping is worth training. Not really sure why they have only gone with psychical stats, where's all the players' reactions / nerve / determination?
Core Training : Keeping
Tertiary Training : (unsure of all these) Long Shot, Passing, Speed, Stamina, Tackling

Play Game Foot Ball Manager Goaltycon And Earn Real Money

Play Game Foot Ball Manager Goaltycon And Earn Real Money

If you are the one who loves to play browser game, here it is. You can get real money while playing below games, just join, learn how to play, earn more in-game cash and cashout to real money.

Yes, You can earn real money from following games, before that you may need to learn how the game plays, earn big in-game cash. Once you earn more then you can start to cashout to real money.

GoalTycoon is an online football manager game like other manager games with difference you can convert the virtual currency to real money. It is a strategy game that relies on the management of a football team. The Manager will be the one that picks the best game strategy, choosing the players, the training strategies and also the financial strategy.

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Actually, there are many games that you can earn money by playing browser game but you need to deposits money and upgrade in order to active the account and continue pay the game, so here are only free game to play and earn cash.

Join now, start play game and earn big money, Cheer!

Goaltycoon Guide : Buy Youth for Future Star

Make Money - Goaltycoon Guide : Buy Youth for Future Star

The easy way to get a super star at cheaper price is buying a youth and train them.
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Here are the easy steps to get cheap youth star

Click at Market and then Buy Youth

Select What Star do you want, High Recommended is 5 Star but At Minimum is 3 Star, No lower than that. Or you have low budget, you can get 1 star.

Next is select position

And then click buy, you are done.

Once, you are done buying and here how to see youth details

Click Home and then Youth, it will show all youth details in your team.

To train youth, it's the same as the 1st team training.

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It's the same as Senior trainging, just click at youth and set what stat you want.

Games Strategy Market Glory

Games Strategy Market Glory

MarketGlory is a strategy game, in which you have the possibility to convert your virtual currency into real money. It is an online browser game, therefore you don't need any other programs installed in order to play. It is one of the few business games where you are rewarded for your daily activity. As a simulation game, it offers you the possibility to fight, work, open companies, start wars. It is a very complex game , and the more you play it, the more options you find for your own development.

How To Join In Market Glory


Please Register first,

click here for register

After you register, what you must do now is :

1) Work Consistently

In here, you can work 1x every 24 hours, but make sure you start at a time that you are usually on the computer because, from my experienced, Market Glory have superworker bonus, which requires 7 STRAIGHT days of work. In other words, Market Glory have a server reset on 00:00 server time (u can work once every 24 hour) that allows for higher up the referral bonuses, arena bonuses, resetting the fighting cap (more on that below), etc., so if you work for 6 days straight, but forget to work on the 7th day (or any other day, day 1 until day 6), you lost your chance to get bonus money from system.

Therefore, I would recommend starting work as soon as possible after the server reset (if it works with your schedule) because then you have more "wiggle space" in case stuff comes up and requires you to postpone working at your usual time (i.e. if you usually work 1 hour after server reset, you have a full 23 hours to work and still get your bonus, but if you usually work 1 hour before reset, you only have 1 hour before your chance of getting the worker bonus goes down the drain) and can stay on the right road to getting money.

2) Fight x 10 

Market Glory only allows 10 fights per (server) day now - (what a crab..), those were the days when you could farm, farm, and farm fights all day long lol - that takes about 10 minutes per fight. You can get free refferal if you wait doing fight on 01.05 (server time) If you win the fight (i always win cause they have no weapon or armor yet) the person becomes your referral and pays you a percentage of his/her profits (if they're active), which you should know by now means you get more money. In addition to your fight bonus, if your "referral" was active that day, you will get a government bonus for every active referral you have; therefore, fighting can be pretty profitable if done right. Right now though, you just have to keep fighting with those who have 1 energy and you will be making what you can out of it.

How to increase my pay after finishing fight ?
to increase your pay, before doing fight buy some newspaper ( try looking the cheapest one ) and buy 10 times that will increase ur energy. you can only Buy 10 Newspaper / day the other will be useless.

well that mean, higher your energy than higher your profit too.there are many ways to increase your energy beside buying newspaper, that eating or consumption milk and coffee that can't be doing by newbie cause you need to buy or produce first, so for now the only way is buying newspaper, few days later after you have enough money to buy 10 news paper, then try looking for food or milk at market then do fight fight fight 10x....

Be careful...
"Fight", country will only paid you if the country have enough cash. so watch out for your country money before doing "Fight". 

3) Arena

you need to have 1 weapon and 1 defence to do arena. you can buy it on local market or global market, since need much money to produce one

 Fight in Arena u can earn bonus daily based ur Rank

4) War Defend Your country

You can Fight and Defend Your country or attack another country and ripp other country warfund this lot make money

No Work Timer!

Now, having said all of that, fortunately , you can actually work while you fight, and there is no timer when you work, .... you can higher your energy and doing Fight and Work together in one Time.


Bonuses are offered by the government of the country where you are. In the home section you can see both the country's budget and the number of citizens in the country. Also in the home section there is a list of bonuses offered by the government of your country, description for each bonus and the conditions for getting the bonus: energy for the referral and fight bonus and productivity for work bonus.
Note that there is specified the maximum bonus that can be achieved if you meet the maximum requirements for that bonus.
Example: if you have 1 energy, you will receive 1% of registered government bonus, if you have 100 energy, you will receive 100% of the bonus displayed.
Work bonus is received according to productivity, for example, to receive 10% bonus you will need to have 70 productivity, the maximum productivity being 700. In the productivity section you can see what factors influence it and how you can make them grow.
Note that all bonuses are offered by the country you have citizenship with.


In this section you can buy MarketGlory game shares.
When the balance reaches 10,000 euros you will receive 1 cent for each share you hold. The moment the balance reaches 10,000 gold you will get 0.01 gold per each share owned. You can sell and buy shares from other players.
Euros are added to the game fund balance when:
• a company is created
• a workplace is created
• a withdrawal from the game is made (20% from the withdrawal)
• a fight is immediately ended
• shares are bought

These appear as negative transactions in fund:
• 10% from the amount invested for the country which holds the citizenship of the citizen who invests in his account
• 10% from the amount ivnested for one who owns the citizen who has invested in his account
Those negative transactions are covered by the 20% commision applied on the withdrawals from Market Glory account.


In the "affiliates" section you can find your own link that you can send to all your friends. Those who will register on your link will become your referrals.

Below there is a list of your referrals. You win a referral if you challenge an opponent to fight and win the fight. Lose a referral when he loses a fight. Your referrals will pay a fee of 10% of their earnings, according to the energy you have. If you block a referral, it can not be attacked. A user who registers via your affiliate link will become your referral blocked for a period of seven days, then you decide whether to block him or set him free.


Purchases made by users of GM SHOP Fund will be allocated to GM.
Note that the prices of GM SHOP are 200% higher than the prices of production. GM SHOP products price will change depending on the salaries offered in MarketGlory.

Reports - Transactions
Here is a list of all income and expenses that you make.

Reports - Financial assets
In this section you can view all currencies held.

Government - Accounting
Available currencies in the government fund represent the country current assets. Financial operations in local or foreign currency can be performed only by governmentmembers, but all players are able to view the data.
In the list below you will find all currencies held by the government.

Government - Bonuses
In this section you can view bonuses given by the government.

Government - Taxes
This section shows taxes that you pay to the government.

Profile - Inventory
In this section you can view all the property you own. Food is consumed every 6 hours. If you have different food qualities, the first consumed will be the high quality food. Coffee can be consumed when you click on serving coffee. The clothes have a life span of 10 days. The houses have a lifespan of 30 days.

Profile - Settings.
In this section you can modify your password.

In this section you will be informed when one of these companies has no raw materials or money to pay salaries.

We appreciate your interest in reading this entire material.

Recommend your referral link to everybody and earn commissions of Market Glory. Exploit all opportunities offered by us and be with us for a long term to benefit in future projects, too.
In life every chance is worth valued at the time. Now you can develop a great opportunity worldwide by Market and Glory and accomplish all your goals. Many people waste their time on the internet without having won anything, here with just a few minutes a day you can manage your business in the Market Glory and increase your income. We do not guarantee that everyone will achieve success, that depends on what strategy each player has in Glory Market. Make sure everything is fair, transparent and with equal opportunities for all players.

We offer support and tools to expand your business globally as much as you wish.



Earning money online always a dream of users who uses internet online. But most of us always end up getting nothing. Few days back, i have seen one of my Friend promoting one strategy game website, MarketGlory which is strategic game where you can do all things that happen in day to day life like you can do work, buy or sell products, set up companies, do wars, fight in arena, participate in auctions and do trading within the game. From a very first look game sounds pity complex but it is not that weird. I joined the game around 20 days back, initially earning was slow but then it going to become more and more and more. Well by more i mean 570 Euros withdrawn in just 20 days. 50 Euros in first payment just to test that MarketGlory is paying and then 520 Euros that i withdrawn yesterday. Well this sounds crazy but i always do things after planning and always make my own strategies to be master of myself every time. We all believe in principle sharing is caring, that why i will share my MarketGlory earning strategy with all of you. In the mean while you can join MarketGlory by clicking below link (Well, not hiding a single thing. When anyone of you joins MG, i will get referral bonus in form of experience(daily based on your activity) and also get referral bonus in Euros on 20th of every month (0.5 Euro approx for all active users i refer to MG). Click below to join:

What is MarketGlory?
MarketGlory is an online web browser based online strategic game which allows you to do everything that you do in your real day to day world like Work, Fights, Training, Opening Companies, wars, arena, trading game shares, currencies, travel, elections, buying and selling products, referrals, auctioning referrals and companies and much more. But the most interesting part is you can convert all your virtual money into real cash. But there is one drawback with marketglory as it requires regularity, if you miss one day you will miss work bonus which you will get every third day. If you are regular then i can guarantee within 1-2 months you will make a solid position in game. This was brief about marketglory. Lets learn from very basics first learning what all options mean and from where to do those things.

Please Register first,
click here for register

First of all when you will login into marketglory game, you will see something like below:

Market Glory Complete Tutorial

For you all guys ease, i have added the numbers in front of sections, first you all should understand basics:

1. POINT 1 - SERVER TIME : This is server time and game maintain its all features according to this. You will get all bonus according to this time. You can do referral fights 10 times in this 24 hours. You can work once in those 24 hours. You can consume 1 Milk from Local market once in this 24 hours, you can consume wine once this 24 hours. You can read 10 newspapers per 24 hours. You will get arena bonus once per 24 hours. You will get referral bonus per 24 hours. Well all these things will be explained in detail in later part.

2. POINT 2 - INVEST OR WITHDRAW FROM MARKETGLORY : Self explained. You can invest euros in your market glory account by clicking on invest and you can withdraw from Marketglory by clicking on Withdraw button. Note: Minimum investment amount is 10 Euros and Minimum Withdrawal amount is 20 Euros.

3. POINT 3 - GAME MAIN MENU - This is the main menu of Marketglory from where you can go different sections of Game like for Fight go to Fight option, for Work go to work option, to purchase anything from Market go to market, to manage or open new companies go to Companies, To join country army Go to Organizations, To see affiliates reports go to affiliates, To trade shares and see partners fund go to Partners option, to see rankings of other players go to rankings, to view other peoples doubts and things and experiences go to Forum. I will explain each option in later part of tutorial.

4. POINT 4 - BONUS SECTION : This section shows what maximum different bonus you can get. Say Fight, for each fight you can get maximum 10 INR depending upon your energy. Maximum Energy can be 100. So if you fight at 100 Energy you will get 10 INR. Second is work bonus, this is maximum you can get on every third day of regular work depending upon your productivity. If you miss 1 day between three consecutive days you will miss that bonus. But you will get daily work wages for your work based on your productivity. Referral Bonus, maximum bonus you can get for active referrals. Arena Bonus, maximum bonus per day you can get from Arena. Medals bonus, we can earn medals by participating in wars. Based on your damage you will get medals. Affiliate bonus, on every 20th of Month affiliate bonus is distributed based on your referral activity which you can  see from Affiliates tab mentioned in point 3.

5. POINT 5 - HEART OF MARKETGLORY : Why i am saying it heart of marketglory because everything in market glory rolls around it. Three most important factors of Marketglory Energy, Knowledge and Experience. Mean of all three is Called Productivity. Its Energy which decides your daily fight bonus. Its productivity which decides your work wage and work bonus. Maximum Energy can be 100. Maximum Experience can be 2000. Maximum Knowledge can be 1000. Maximum productivity is mean of three.  Below those some more things are shown.
a. EURO : This is the amount of Euro that you can withdraw right now.
b. Gold : This is the amount of Gold you currently have in your account. You can convert Gold to Euro in Financial market. 1 Euro = 5 Gold Approx.
c. Local Currency INR : This is the amount of local currency you have in your account. You can convert Local Currency INR to GOLD in financial market. And then convert GOLD to EURO. 1 GOLD = 10 INR approx.
d. Incomes: This displays the total money spent and earned till date. All transactions are summed up there. Note: This is not actually money it just shows how much is invested and earned in game.

Now time to learn 4 things in Detail: Energy, Experience, Knowledge and Productivity.
Energy : How to increase energy in game? Well there multiple ways to increase energy in game. Lets start from very basics. Initially you will only have 1 Energy point and no INR balance in your MG account. So first 1 or 2 days you need to earn INR which you can do by doing referral fights( 10 fights per day) and doing work in work section(once per 24 hours and need to wait exact 24 hours after that so work carefully at suitable time so that you can be regular to receive every third day work bonus which is atleast 5 times daily work wage). In first 3 days you will have around 1-3 INR. Now the Energy concept comes in play.
There are multiple items in game which can increase your energy. Mentioned below based on lowest cost (highest energy).
a. Milk : In marketglory every product has 3 types Low quality, medium quality and High Quality. Low quality gives 1 Energy, Medium gives 3 and HQ give 5 energy points. Best is HQ milk as it costs near 0.80 INR and gives 5 energy.
You can buy Milk from Market -> Local Market -> Food -> MILK. Note: we can consume milk only once per 24 hours.
b. Newspapers : Each newspaper cost 0.1 INR and give 0.30 Energy points. You can read 10 newspapers in a day. You can buy newspapers from Home page. Just below ministers you can see articles to buy.
c. Food : Food also have 3 types Low, Med, High. We can consume Food 4 times in a day after every 6 hours. Food also gives same energy points as milk but is little costly. To buy food go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Cuisine Products.
d. Wine : Wine also provides energy up to 25 energy points. But it costs more. You can consume 1 wine per day. To buy wine go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Wine.
e. Cheese : Cheese provides maximum energy i.e. 50 Points but its costliest energy source. Better to consume it during wars. To buy Cheese go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Cheese. You can consume max 10 cheese a day.
f. Coffee : Coffee also has 3 types Low, Med, High. But you can consume unlimited coffees per day. To buy Coffee go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Coffee.
h. Clothes : Clothes also provide daily energy points for 10 days. Its also 3 types low med high. Clothes last for 10 days and provides energy 1-5 per 24 hours. To buy clothes go to Market -> Local Market ->Clothes -> Individual clothes.
i. House : House also provides energy from 7 - 35 energy per 24 hours for 30 days. House lasts for 30 days. House has 3 types House, Villa and Palace. House give 7 Energy per 24 hours, Villa gives 20 energy / 24 hours and Palace give 35 energy per 24 hours. Best energy source. Note: You get energy hours wise.

Well that was all about gaining energy. Now how you loose energy, you loose 5% energy per hour normally, loose 5 % energy per referral fights, 10% per arena fights, 50% energy when you work. That was all about energy.

Second Most Important Point is Experience. Experience is most important part of productivity. There are only two ways of getting experience first work and second buy it. Well Work part of Experience has a catch in it. When you daily work you will get 0.7 Experience daily. But if you have active referrals then it increases your experience quite awesomely. For 5 active referrals you can get upto 3 exp points per day. Least is 0.7 and max is 3 per day. Now referrals, a referral will be count active only if he has more than 1 energy point at the time you work and have atleast 5 referral fights that day. Other way to increase experience is buying it and best package is 100 Experience points for 20 Euros. Because it increase your productivity 30 times and you can recover your investment in less than a month and after that all is profit. Note: 100 Exp point package can be bought only once life time.

Third Important feature is Knowledge. Well its the costliest thing in MG and i recommend people not to go for it at beginning. Once you start earning good in MG then focus on knowledge.

Productivity : This is the mean of above three things. More you have better work wage and work bonus you will get.

POINT 6 - ELECTION WAR TRAVEL MENU : You can use these three things as they say. Elections to vote and see candidates. Active only on 28-31st of every month. WAR: Whenever your country is attacked you can join wars by clicking on war but you need to be a part of atleast one organization. TRAVEL as suggests traveling is only good for attending wars rest its a money waste option.

POINT 7 - COUNTRY STATS : This shows how many residents country have on MG and government assets.

click here for register

This is all for today. I hope you all find it easy to understand. I will come with PART 2 of this tutorial very very soon. Till then keep playing ask me queries in game.

Market Glory: First Step For Newbie

First Step For Newbie

You can play with or no invest in there. You can Invest real money in the games and can royalty from here...... buy Experience, Factory, Auction, Share and anymore.

The first

when the fight get money do not forget to buy the newspaper / articel because of the greater energy you have the most money you get 
1 newspaper will receive 0.3 point energy energy

Only can buy 10 newspaper a day 

after a fight 10 times time work
work based on productivity so the greater your productivity the greater amount of money when you get a job.

work only once per day every 24 Hour 


The second day

on the second day you had money few left over from yesterday's money to buynewspapers and milk used to let me get a lot more money when the fight then fight 10times continue to work.
You can buy Milk in Local Market Or Global Market.
The Quality Milk :
• Low Quality - 1 point,
• Normal Quality - 3 points
• High Quality - 5 points 

The Energy is distributed when the good is bought. You can consume the Milk once in 24 hours. 


The third day

 on the third day you must have had a bit more  money to buy food can be purchasedin the local market or global market

The Food is consumed every 6 hours, at 03.15, 09.15, 15.15, 21.15 server time. When the Food is consumed, you receive the points of energy corresponding to each quality:
• Low Quality - 1 point,
• Normal Quality - 3 points
• High Quality - 5 points
If you have Food of different qualities, the first to be consumed will be the one of superior quality. You also have a timer, which shows the time left until the next meal is taken. The energy decreases by:
• 5% each hour
• 10% when you fight
• 10% when you work

The next day

do point2x above continuously.
Remember that the more energythe bonuses and salaries will also increase.Exampleif the energy used 5 fightfor 10 times, it will get less than 5 USD before tax,but it was not badwith 5 or 6 days of playingit is possible to collect 2 gold or 20 USD,even more 

Milk Food HQ + HQ + 10 newspaperthen Ref Fight 10 times last work.
the greater the energy before the Ref Fight 
the greater the money raised 
usd (idrgained 

The road to success in Market Glory is achieved through a personal strategy by each player in the community. There is no time limit, some will reach objectives quicker than others. It is important to be present in MarketGlory and develop something that gives you satisfaction in this game. Success is the result of an activity which is based on action and perseverance. In every field of life, those who do not give up will certainly reach all their goals.
So, success in Market Glory can give you a substantial income in real life.
Money does not bring happiness, but their number does.