Games Strategy Market Glory

Games Strategy Market Glory

MarketGlory is a strategy game, in which you have the possibility to convert your virtual currency into real money. It is an online browser game, therefore you don't need any other programs installed in order to play. It is one of the few business games where you are rewarded for your daily activity. As a simulation game, it offers you the possibility to fight, work, open companies, start wars. It is a very complex game , and the more you play it, the more options you find for your own development.

How To Join In Market Glory


Please Register first,

click here for register

After you register, what you must do now is :

1) Work Consistently

In here, you can work 1x every 24 hours, but make sure you start at a time that you are usually on the computer because, from my experienced, Market Glory have superworker bonus, which requires 7 STRAIGHT days of work. In other words, Market Glory have a server reset on 00:00 server time (u can work once every 24 hour) that allows for higher up the referral bonuses, arena bonuses, resetting the fighting cap (more on that below), etc., so if you work for 6 days straight, but forget to work on the 7th day (or any other day, day 1 until day 6), you lost your chance to get bonus money from system.

Therefore, I would recommend starting work as soon as possible after the server reset (if it works with your schedule) because then you have more "wiggle space" in case stuff comes up and requires you to postpone working at your usual time (i.e. if you usually work 1 hour after server reset, you have a full 23 hours to work and still get your bonus, but if you usually work 1 hour before reset, you only have 1 hour before your chance of getting the worker bonus goes down the drain) and can stay on the right road to getting money.

2) Fight x 10 

Market Glory only allows 10 fights per (server) day now - (what a crab..), those were the days when you could farm, farm, and farm fights all day long lol - that takes about 10 minutes per fight. You can get free refferal if you wait doing fight on 01.05 (server time) If you win the fight (i always win cause they have no weapon or armor yet) the person becomes your referral and pays you a percentage of his/her profits (if they're active), which you should know by now means you get more money. In addition to your fight bonus, if your "referral" was active that day, you will get a government bonus for every active referral you have; therefore, fighting can be pretty profitable if done right. Right now though, you just have to keep fighting with those who have 1 energy and you will be making what you can out of it.

How to increase my pay after finishing fight ?
to increase your pay, before doing fight buy some newspaper ( try looking the cheapest one ) and buy 10 times that will increase ur energy. you can only Buy 10 Newspaper / day the other will be useless.

well that mean, higher your energy than higher your profit too.there are many ways to increase your energy beside buying newspaper, that eating or consumption milk and coffee that can't be doing by newbie cause you need to buy or produce first, so for now the only way is buying newspaper, few days later after you have enough money to buy 10 news paper, then try looking for food or milk at market then do fight fight fight 10x....

Be careful...
"Fight", country will only paid you if the country have enough cash. so watch out for your country money before doing "Fight". 

3) Arena

you need to have 1 weapon and 1 defence to do arena. you can buy it on local market or global market, since need much money to produce one

 Fight in Arena u can earn bonus daily based ur Rank

4) War Defend Your country

You can Fight and Defend Your country or attack another country and ripp other country warfund this lot make money

No Work Timer!

Now, having said all of that, fortunately , you can actually work while you fight, and there is no timer when you work, .... you can higher your energy and doing Fight and Work together in one Time.


Bonuses are offered by the government of the country where you are. In the home section you can see both the country's budget and the number of citizens in the country. Also in the home section there is a list of bonuses offered by the government of your country, description for each bonus and the conditions for getting the bonus: energy for the referral and fight bonus and productivity for work bonus.
Note that there is specified the maximum bonus that can be achieved if you meet the maximum requirements for that bonus.
Example: if you have 1 energy, you will receive 1% of registered government bonus, if you have 100 energy, you will receive 100% of the bonus displayed.
Work bonus is received according to productivity, for example, to receive 10% bonus you will need to have 70 productivity, the maximum productivity being 700. In the productivity section you can see what factors influence it and how you can make them grow.
Note that all bonuses are offered by the country you have citizenship with.


In this section you can buy MarketGlory game shares.
When the balance reaches 10,000 euros you will receive 1 cent for each share you hold. The moment the balance reaches 10,000 gold you will get 0.01 gold per each share owned. You can sell and buy shares from other players.
Euros are added to the game fund balance when:
• a company is created
• a workplace is created
• a withdrawal from the game is made (20% from the withdrawal)
• a fight is immediately ended
• shares are bought

These appear as negative transactions in fund:
• 10% from the amount invested for the country which holds the citizenship of the citizen who invests in his account
• 10% from the amount ivnested for one who owns the citizen who has invested in his account
Those negative transactions are covered by the 20% commision applied on the withdrawals from Market Glory account.


In the "affiliates" section you can find your own link that you can send to all your friends. Those who will register on your link will become your referrals.

Below there is a list of your referrals. You win a referral if you challenge an opponent to fight and win the fight. Lose a referral when he loses a fight. Your referrals will pay a fee of 10% of their earnings, according to the energy you have. If you block a referral, it can not be attacked. A user who registers via your affiliate link will become your referral blocked for a period of seven days, then you decide whether to block him or set him free.


Purchases made by users of GM SHOP Fund will be allocated to GM.
Note that the prices of GM SHOP are 200% higher than the prices of production. GM SHOP products price will change depending on the salaries offered in MarketGlory.

Reports - Transactions
Here is a list of all income and expenses that you make.

Reports - Financial assets
In this section you can view all currencies held.

Government - Accounting
Available currencies in the government fund represent the country current assets. Financial operations in local or foreign currency can be performed only by governmentmembers, but all players are able to view the data.
In the list below you will find all currencies held by the government.

Government - Bonuses
In this section you can view bonuses given by the government.

Government - Taxes
This section shows taxes that you pay to the government.

Profile - Inventory
In this section you can view all the property you own. Food is consumed every 6 hours. If you have different food qualities, the first consumed will be the high quality food. Coffee can be consumed when you click on serving coffee. The clothes have a life span of 10 days. The houses have a lifespan of 30 days.

Profile - Settings.
In this section you can modify your password.

In this section you will be informed when one of these companies has no raw materials or money to pay salaries.

We appreciate your interest in reading this entire material.

Recommend your referral link to everybody and earn commissions of Market Glory. Exploit all opportunities offered by us and be with us for a long term to benefit in future projects, too.
In life every chance is worth valued at the time. Now you can develop a great opportunity worldwide by Market and Glory and accomplish all your goals. Many people waste their time on the internet without having won anything, here with just a few minutes a day you can manage your business in the Market Glory and increase your income. We do not guarantee that everyone will achieve success, that depends on what strategy each player has in Glory Market. Make sure everything is fair, transparent and with equal opportunities for all players.

We offer support and tools to expand your business globally as much as you wish.

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  5. Hi, there is a new game this game has just been produced (summer 2015) and this game's producers are same as goaltycoon and marketglory. you can earn more on pipstycoon and don't need more time. To sign up early is ideal for earn money. I will help you if you sign up. bye.