Market Glory: Basic



Why is it important to have energy in MarketGlory?
- Depending on the energy level you receive fight bonuses and referrals;
- Energy is an important factor in calculating productivity;
- Depending on the energy level you get a percentage of your referrals earnings;
- Attack and defense are influenced by the energy level.

Energy increases when goods are consumed. For example, a lower quality food will bring an increase of 1 in your energy level. Also, when you eat a high-quality food you get 5 energy; the quality of the consumed goods is very important in MarketGlory. Energy increases when you eat or you have: coffee, clothes, houses and wine.

How much energy do you get?

• 1 for lower quality
• 3 for normal quality
• 5 for high quality

• 1 per day for low quality 
• 3 per day for normal quality
• 5 per day for high-quality. 
Note that clothes last for 10 days.

• 1 for lower quality coffee
• 3 for normal quality coffee 
• 5 for high quality coffee

• 7 house
• 20 Villa
• 35 Palace

How does energy decrease?

Energy decreases by 5% per hour, by 10% when you work and 2% work when you fight.
A high energy level allows you to earn more, and to receive higher taxes from your referrals activity.
WARNING! It is very important to correlate the costs with the income. It is not a good thing for everyone to have a high energy level.
Energy can reach up to 100.


Why is it important to have knowledge in Market Glory?
Knowledge is an important factor in calculating productivity.
When buying books, depending on their quality you will get knowledge as follows: Low quality Book = +1 Knowledge, normal quality Book = +3 Knowledge, high quality Book = +5 Knowledge.
Knowledge decreases by 0.2 per day and can reach a maximum level of 1000.


Why is it important to have work experience in Market Glory?

Experience is an important factor in calculating productivity.

It increases each time you work by 0.3 per day. If you work every day, experience will increase. You can buy experience from the country's government to which you belong to with 1 euro for experience point between 1-100 experience, with 0.8 euro between 101-500, with 0.6 euro between 501-1000. Experience decreases in the following way: between 1 and 10 by 0.1 per day, between 11 and 100 to 0.2 per day, between 101 and 500 by 0.4 per day, between 501 and 1000 by 0.6 per day.


Why is productivity important in Market Glory?

Productivity is the citizen's ability to produce goods for the companies they work for.

Productivity is calculated using the formula: Energy + Experience + Knowledge / 3.
Energy can increase up to 100.
Experience can increase up to 1000.
Knowledge can grow up to 1000.
Maximum productivity is 700 and according to it, you will receive salary or working bonus. In the working section you will find the level of productivity per hour.



In the home section you will find the country map, the government budget and the population in your area. Also in this section you can see the bonuses offered by the government.


In this section there are presented the opponents available for fighting. If you win a battle you will receive the bonus offered by the Government according to the energy you have. Remember that the loser becomes your referral and he will pay you taxes. If you want to be sure that you will not lose that referral, you can lock him for as long as you want.


In this section you can find available jobs. You will receive wages according to productivity. Salary is displayed for one hour, for 100 productivity points. If you have maximum productivity, meaning 700 points, you will receive a salary according to the following formula:
Salary X 8 (8 hours of work) X 7 (700 points for productivity).
If the hourly wage is 5 you will get 5 x 8 x 7 = 280. 


In this section you can see all the offers of companies from that country and available for business licensing. Note that the products are sorted by quality.
Raw materials and licenses can be purchased only by companies.

Financial market

In this section you can convert your Euros into any currency available in MarketGlory. Note that in MarketGlory there are over 80 currencies and each country operates its own currency. To buy currency you can click on the image and select the currency you want to buy, then from the "sell" section select the currency you want to sell to buy your currency.
1 euro = 5 gold, 1 gold = 10 lei

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