Market Glory: Company


In this section you can set up companies and manage your companies. Setting up a company costs 10 euros. You will get a job and a license for 90 days.

My companies - Licenses
In this section you can view what licenses you can purchase for your company. Also, each license is explained in detail, how many productivity points are required, raw materials for the products. When you have a valid license or purchase a license the date this license expires will be displayed.

My companies - upgrade 
Firms can be upgraded to produce goods at lower costs and thus your company can be more efficient on the market. There are 5 levels of upgrade:
Upgrade 1 = 10% productivity = 10 euro
Upgrade 2 = 20% productivity = 20 euro
Upgrade 3 = 30% productivity = 40 euro
Upgrade 4 = 40% productivity = 80 euro
Upgrade 5 = 50% productivity = 160 euro


In your inventory menu you can view raw material stock, finished products stocks and the costs of their production or acquisition. Also in this section you have the option to put goods on sale to be displayed in the country market where the company is established.


In this section you can create new jobs. Creating a new work place costs with 0.25 euro more than the previous. Each job can be administered individually, with the possibility to establish the salary offeredand to suspend or activate a job.
"Work records"
In this section you can view a list of citizens who have worked at your company, the time when they have worked, that they had and also the salary the company has paid to citizen.

Each company has its own budget. In this section you can invest and withdraw money from the company. In the company you can invest and withdraw gold.
After you have invested gold you can change the company in local currency in which the company was founded.
When you withdraw money from the company within the company will buy gold to withdraw gold.
"Finance Transactions"
In this section you have a list of all transactions made by the company.


Each license is valid for 90 days. From the company you can extend the license or buy a new one. Even if a license expires you can still sell products in stock. Each type of company allows specific license purchase.
Licenses for consumer goods are divided into three categories, depending on quality.
In the section market licenses, you can read all the details of licenses, such as productivity needed to produce the good, raw materials necessary for the good and the good quality product. When you purchase a license money will go the country government where the business is created.

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