Game Foot Ball Manager Goaltycoon Guide: How to Train Player

Game Foot Ball Manager Goaltycoon Guide: How to Train Player

Training is one of the most important things to make your player stronger and win the game. To train player, click Training and hold particular player and place in area your want to train that player.

You do all the same to other player, easy right?
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Here are recommended training type you should train for each of your player.

Pure Forwards
CF = Centre Forwards, IF = Inside Forwards
These are you strike force, with the best support in the world from the midfield and a brilliant defence, if your guys can't put the ball in the back of the opponents' net you won't be winning any games.
Core Training : Shoot
2ndry Training : Head Shot (if tall)
Tertiary Training : Speed, Ball Control, Stamina, Passing, Long Shot

Offensive Support
HO = Hole (inbetween strikers & mid), OM = Offensive Midfield
Many formations have a more aggressive stance, behind the forwards come the offensive support, also a danger in their own right.
Core Training : Head Shot (if tall)
2ndry Training : Long Shot, Ball Control, Shoot
Tertiary Training : Passing, Stamina, Speed, Tackling

Central Core
CM = Central Midfielders, DM = Defensive Midfielders
Right in the centre of the pitch, these players I'd often recommend are where your money should be, if nothing else, because they will see most of the ball, dictating the game plus being both a boon to attack and defence.
Core Training : Ball Control
2ndry Training : Long Shot, Passing, Stamina
Tertiary Training : Speed, Tackling (Core if DM)

RW / LR = Right & Left Wingers. SLM / SRM = Right & Left Side Midfielders
These players try to create play down the flanks, stretching defences plus cross the ball into the box, I'd choose one of these plus probably one of the centre or offence to have exceptionally high long shot stats to take corners / free kicks.
Core Training : Long Shot
2ndry Training : Speed, Passing, Ball Control
Tertiary Training : Tackling, Stamina

The Defence
CB = Centre Backs, SW = Sweepers, FLB / FRB = Full Left Back, Full Right Back, WLB / WRB = Wing Left & Right Backs.
There to shut down, lock out and limit any ventures into your own half of the pitch by your opponents, not sure how detailed goaltycoon's model of the game will work though usually a very strong defence may appear to be a dull tactic however it usually means the rest of the team is more able to attack.
Core Training : Tackling
2ndry Training : Speed, Stamina
Tertiary Training : Passing
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GK = Goalkeepers
Your last line of defence, the only player able to handle the ball, unsure at this point if any stat other than goal keeping is worth training. Not really sure why they have only gone with psychical stats, where's all the players' reactions / nerve / determination?
Core Training : Keeping
Tertiary Training : (unsure of all these) Long Shot, Passing, Speed, Stamina, Tackling

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